Side Effects of Clenbuteral

Clenbuteral is a steroid known more for its fat burning qualities than muscle building qualities. Nevertheless it can still give the user some good gains in muscle mass. Some of the many positives of using clenbuteral are that it is relatively mild and will not cause the side effects associated with testosterone in the body. You do not have to worry about water retention or gynecomastia with clenbuteral since it is not based on testosterone. It can cause a considerable increase in the muscle weight of the user, although nothing much and is not necessarily recommended for those in competitive sports. It has many positives but as usual also as some negative side effects that this article is going to look into.

First of all, if you have problems with your heart you need to steer clear of this steroid. It has been known to increase the blood pressure of most of its users and in some rare cases reduces the blood pressure too low. This means that you have a higher chance of having a heart attack or a stroke.  Those who have had heart problems before are not supposed to use any steroids, leave alone clenbuteral. Some disease of the heart like heart hypertrophy (the enlargement of the heart) can be caused by the long term use of clenbuteral in large doses. It has also been known to cause cardiac necrosis (cell death in the heart) and most of these effects are irreversible and could lead to death. Depending on your dosage, you could escape some of the effects of clenbuteral on the heart. Take 1mcg per pound of body weight twice in a day for best results.


Second, users have had problems with performance when using clenbuteral, which is rather interesting given the fact that it is a steroid and meant to improve the physical performance of the user. There are different effects on the physical output of many users and this often depends on the body of the person. In other words, there is no way of knowing whether clenbuteral will improve or reduce your physical output. Players have been known to complain that they are not as active as they expect when they are on clenbuteral, which is rather off. Some of the uses of clenbuteral in the medical world have been the alleviation of asthma, which again is not universal. There is no way of knowing if asthma will be reduced or increased with clenbuteral in some people.

Some users of clenbuteral will get muscle cramps which can reduce your physical output.  It will take you a lot of effort to exercise and recover from the pains in the muscles that come with regular exercises. This depends on the body of the person as there is no way of assuring the users that they will improve their physical outputs while on clenbuteral. If you want to get rid of the cramps, drink lots of water and make sure the dosage you are taking is the recommended for your body weight.