Clenbuteral Profile

Clenbuteral is not actually a steroid but it is still used as a steroid by bodybuilders and other sportsmen. Apart from them some models and actors also use it. It actually helps in burning the extra fat present in the body mainly with the help of its property of being thermogenic. It is very useful in increasing metabolic activity in the body and also helps in a quick conversion of proteins, carbohydrates and fats into a more fruitful energy in the body. It helps a great deal in the development of muscles. With the use of some other steroids and due to their aromatizing nature, extra fat is developed in the muscles and Clenbuteral is very good in removing it. Clenbuteral is widely available in market in many forms like injections, tablets and syrups.

Medically it is known as Sympathomimetic. It is mainly used for asthma treatment and it is worldwide known as Bronchodilator as well. Apart from Asthma it is also used in the treatment of hyper tensions, migraine headaches, shocks related with cardiovascular and arrhythmias.

Clenbuteral can stay in the body for a longer period of time. According to estimation it can stay in the body for up to 34 hours. This is the main reason on why so light dosage of Clenbuteral is taken. Although it has great benefits to offer but it is a non approved drug in USA due to the reason that there are several drugs like Clenbuteral already operating in USA so no need for it to operate there but however it is available in the black market.


As told earlier it is also very useful in sports especially in weight lifting but only for 3 to 4 weeks because after that it loses its effect. Mostly it is used with other drugs for an enhanced and productive result. Other drug often used with Clenbuteral is Cytomel as their combined effect helps in removing the extra fat in the body without disturbing the diet one is taking for the competition.

As it has got many benefits, it has got some side effects attached with its usage as well. Most serious side effect is of allergy and it is serious because it comes suddenly from nowhere.  There are other side effects as well but those would be minor in nature and would remain for a week and after that when your body is accustomed to the drug, they would leave. These side effects include insomnia, nausea, high blood pressure and sweating. One thing more is associated with its usage is that it raises the body temperature. It is due to the reason that when Clenbuteral is in process of burning the fats, this would cause a bit more heat and that would cause a rise in body temperature. But it won’t be having any serious effects and this rise in temperature can easily be coped. As told earlier that its effect remains up to 3 or 4 weeks so when your body temperature comes to normal then you should understand that Clenbuteral is now no more effective in the body.

If you don’t want to get any side effects or minimum of side effects then it is advised to start with a minimum dosage and with the passage of time the dosage can be increased. If its dosage is not taken in a proper manner with a proper diet then it can have serious effects as well. Dosage varies from person to person but normal dosage for start for men and women is about 20 mcg and it can be increases gradually as per doctor’s recommendation.